We’re specialists in the repair and servicing of Silos, conveyor systemsgearboxes
and dust collectors.

Techquip was established in 2017 as the service and maintenance arm of Mechanical Equipment Group to provide mechanical support and maintenance across all divisions of the group. 

Techquip’s mission is to help keep workplaces efficient through reducing downtime, maximising the life of mechanical equipment and help keep workplaces safe and operational.

Since its inception, Techquip has grown to become industry specialists in;

  • Industrial gearbox repairs and overhauls 
  • Dust collector repair,
  • Dust collector maintenance and reporting
  • Silo equipment
  • Silo repairs and servicing 
  • Conveyor installation and repairs 
  • 24/7 break down mobile repairs

Backed by professionalism and industry expertise, the team at Techquip partner with all branches of Mechanical Equipment Group to ensure long-term reliability and outstanding customer service.

We work in close collaboration with all teams across the Mechanical Equipment group to ensure we are delivering expert, dependable customer service and support.