We’re an exciting, innovative company specialising in Robotics, Automation, Integration and Control Systems.

At Automation & Control, we thrive on delivering creative, customised automated solutions that help businesses and the broader community by improving safety and efficiency with mechanical, electrical, and engineered control system solutions.

Automation & Control was founded in 2015 to help build workforces of the future by offering mechatronic solutions to manual handling and physically repetitive work. Our goal is to help organisations improve their operation through higher production rates, increased productivity, more efficient use of materials, better product quality, improved safety, reduced labour costs and improved factory lead times.

At Automation & Control, we specialise in;

  • Integration 
  • Automated systems
  • Materials handling 
  • Process control solutions

We bring creativity, lateral thinking and innovation to meet the needs of our customers. No matter the challenge, at Automation & Control, we will focus on delivering practical, enduring results that help our customers to achieve their goals, to innovate their processes and to grow their businesses.

We work in close collaboration with all teams across the Mechanical Equipment group to ensure we are delivering expert, dependable customer service and support.