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We are Mechanical Equipment Group (MEG). We work together to support our customers by providing mechanical equipment, engineering and power transmission solutions.



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A brief history

  1. 2006

    Chain & Drives opens its first store in Wangara.

  2. 2008

    Inquip is established to offer solutions for bulk materials handling.

  3. 2013

    Chain & Drives NSW opens to bring the services of Chain and Drives Australia wide.

  4. 2014

    MEG moves into a new Wangara warehouse and office as our team grows.

  5. 2015

    Tank Enviro opens, supported by the services of Inquip and Chain & Drives.

  6. 2017

    Techquip is established as the maintenance and installation branch of MEG.

  7. 2017

    Automation & Control opens to innovate workplaces through automation and integration.

  8. 2020

    Chain & Drives Welshpool opens to meet keep up with growth and demand.

  9. 2020

    Automation & Control NSW opens to bring the services of Automation & Control Australia wide.

Mechanical Equipment Group was created in 2015 to bring together our family of companies; Chain & Drives, Inquip, Techquip, Automation & Control, and Partsbook. Our Group works together to support businesses by offering the complete solution in mechanical equipment, power transmission and engineering services across all industries.

As a part of our Group, our companies have thrived and expanded, unified by our mission of providing complete support, innovation and excellence to customers, suppliers and staff.

Core Values 

The success of Mechanical Equipment Group is based on our core values and our commitment to building a company for the future. We invest in discovering creative and innovative ways to do things, on improving the value of our services to our customers, on building strong relationships with our customers, and on striving for excellence in everything we do. 

Taking Care 

We must take care of each other. Integrity, trust and goodwill underpin everything we do. We believe our successes can all be traced to our commitment to take care of our team, customers and partners. 

Great teams are built on understanding and caring for each other. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts, through this commitment to our culture and our team, we can achieve our personal and professional goals.  

Customer Support 

Providing outstanding customer support is our primary core value, we always maintain a positive can-do attitude. Our teams Listen and ask questions, learn from experience and benefit from each other knowledge. Through this understanding with each other, we aim to form a partnership that enables our team and our customers to grow, exceed expectations and have a great experience together. 


We aim for excellence through continuous improvement every day. Our team works to improve themselves and the services we provide through ongoing training and development. In striving for excellence every day, we continue to grow, and through growth, we create a positive and productive working environment.  


Each of us has a responsibility to contribute towards building healthy and supportive communities in which to live and work. We are committed to supporting our working and broader community through our work and our civic duty.  

Innovation & Improvement 

There is always room for improvement, and we work to build an environment that encourages constant improvement in our work and each other. 

We work with leading global brands providing R&D; allowing us to bring the latest products and innovations to the Australian market. Our specialist approach to each industry sector has many benefits; we ask questions, benefit from the knowledge and learn from experience.