We’re specialists in the repair and servicing of Silos, conveyor systemsgearboxes
and dust collectors.

Techquip was established in 2017 as the service and maintenance arm of Mechanical Equipment Group to provide mechanical support and maintenance across all divisions of the group. 

Techquip’s mission is to help keep workplaces efficient through reducing downtime, maximising the life of mechanical equipment and help keep workplaces safe and operational.

Since its inception, Techquip has grown to become industry specialists in;

  • Industrial gearbox repairs and overhauls 
  • Dust collector repair, maintenance and reporting
  • Silo and silo equipment repairs and servicing 
  • Conveyor installation and repairs 
  • 24/7 break down mobile repairs

Backed by professionalism and industry expertise, the team at Techquip partner with all branches of Mechanical Equipment Group to ensure long-term reliability and outstanding customer service.

We work in close collaboration with all teams across the Mechanical Equipment group to ensure we are delivering expert, dependable customer service and support.



For more information, please visit the Techquip website.

Introducing Techquip – supplier of technical engineering services for Power Transmission and Bulk Materials Handling.

Techquip is the technical services provider division in our group of companies which include Chain & Drives – a leader in power transmission, and Inquip – a specialist in bulk materials handling.

Our team are trained in all aspects of power transmission and bulk materials handling and have the support and expertise of Chain & Drives and Inquip along with the market leading products our Group supplies throughout Australia from leading manufacturers around the world.

3D Modelling & Design

In close consultation with your process and operating team, Techquip can provide project planning. Plan upgrades can be fully conceptualised with 3D modelling techniques.

Working with engineering software packages such as SolidWorks gives us the ability to design and test your entire project within virtual space before entering production. This gives us the ability to iron out problems such as fitment concerns, through to simulating strength and material flow. Thus, Techquip has the ability to design the simplest sprocket all the way through to entire plants, utilising multiple components and integrating systems new and old.

If you would like to see some examples of work we have done, please do not hesitate to contact Techquip for all your mechanical drafting needs.

Visit techquip.com.au today for more information.

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