Our mission is to create a marketplace to connect consumers with suppliers and compare pricing and products.

Partsbook is dedicated to equipping our clients with efficient and straightforward procurement services through our forward-thinking approach and multi-tiered structure, providing our clients with tools required to grow and excel within their respectful industry sectors.

Parts Book offers an extensive range of quality products, application design facilities and our robust Online Marketplace.

Backed with years of industry experience, Parts Books’ polite, knowledgeable staff & supply partners offer premium customer service from initial design stages, through to post-installation care.



For more information, please visit the Parts Book website.

Parts Book Marketplace is an online procurement hub that connects our clients with quality manufacturers and suppliers locally, nationally and internationally.

By identifying the existing requirement for an all-inclusive facilitator across sectors such as mining, industrial and commercial, Parts Book has eliminated the time consuming and tedious undertakings that buyers repeatedly endure i.e. sourcing, identifying, ever growing vendor lists, bulk logistic tracking etc.

With features such as online tendering, engineering services, 24/7 estimating utilities, live order tracking, powerful yet simple search & compare tools (and a sneaky coffee room) partsbook.com.au brings our clients a new and improved way of procuring, designing, estimating & managing all projects big and small all with just one account.

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